WHEN YOU'RE SMILING ホエン・ユーアー・スマイリング [SHTV-82132]

WHEN YOU'RE SMILING ホエン・ユーアー・スマイリング [SHTV-82132]


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メディア: ボーカル&ビッグバンド 譜面セット

お取寄せ納期: 通常 2~3 週間で入荷

アーティスト: FRANK SINATRA(フランク・シナトラ)(男性ボーカル) / MYLES COLLINS(マイルス・コリンズ)(編曲)

グレード: 3

キー: Ab, A

スタイル: Swing @ 160 b.p.m.

原産国: オーストラリア




This chart has been transcribed from the Nelson Riddle arrangement as performed by Frank Sinatra on "Sinatra's Swingin' Session", and is very true to the original. We have made a couple of minor adjustments to make it playable by a standard 5444 line up. Backing string lines are scored into the Trumpets (muted) and the Trombone section has been augmented to 4 voices. Other than this, it's just like the record. We have even written out the muted Trumpet solo fills, and the important Drum licks and kicks. After an 8 measure intro which sets the feel of what is to come, it's a vocal feature throughout, backed by some very cool and swinging writing for the blowers which compliments the vocal phrasing all the way through the chart. This is Riddle at his best. The vocal key is Ab, modulating to A half way through. Don't be put off by seeing the Eb instruments playing in 6 sharps. The notes fall easily under the players' fingers. The brass ranges are very playable (lead Trumpet to high D) though Trombone 1 has a couple of high B's and C's to cope with. There are no sax doubles.

Series : Vocal
Arranged By : Myles Collins
Version : Frank Sinatra - Nelson Riddle
Style : Swing @ 160 b.p.m.
Duration : 2 minutes
Grade : Medium
Trumpets 1-4 : D6, C6, C6, E5
Trombones 1-4 : C5, A4, F4, Eb4,
Vocal Key : Ab, A
Vocal Ranges : C3 - E4 (10 steps, as sung)