TECHNICAL STUDIES FOR TROMBONE テクニカル・スタディーズ・フォー・トロンボーン [BOOKM-101109]

TECHNICAL STUDIES FOR TROMBONE テクニカル・スタディーズ・フォー・トロンボーン [BOOKM-101109]


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メディア: 楽譜書籍・教則本

お取寄せ納期: 通常 1~3 週間で入荷

アーティスト: BOB MCCHESNEY(ボブ・マッチェスニー)(著)

原産国: アメリカ



Technical Studies for Trombone by Bob McChesney is a compilation of technical exercises, general playing tips, and pedagogical concepts for the tenor trombonist. The book is ideal for students to professionals, whether focused on classical, jazz or commercial playing. The exercises are those that McChesney uses for his own personal practice and shares with his private students. This highly anticipated addition to McChesney's growing list of publications includes warm-ups, single and double tonguing, various slurring and control exercises, sound development, range, centering, legato articulation studies (when to tongue and when to slur), clean attacks, soft control and much more. The book also offers a section of exercises and explanations of "doodle tonguing", and addresses slide movement and the variable slide grip McChesney uses for faster playing.

Excellent as a daily practice manual and a life-long resource, Technical Studies for Trombone contains 55 pages, plus 9 pages of blank music manuscript for making notations. A sturdy, easy to read, 9" x 12" publication, with spiral binding - lays completely flat on a music stand.