CD LEGENDARY レジェンダリー [CD-52712]



メディア: CD

お取寄せ納期: 通常 1~2 週間で入荷

アーティスト: BOB FLORENCE(ボブ・フローレンス)(作編曲) / LIMITED EDITION(リミテッド・エディション)(演奏)

原産国: アメリカ


メーカ品番: MAMA DCD-M1037


An extraordinary human being and musical genius with an illustrious life and career, the late, legendary Bob Florence blazed a trail of ‘Respect and Love’ where-ever he went; he was indeed made up of all the ingredients that LEGENDS are made of…

In this last edition of The Limited Edition, it is all about Bob Florence, the Legendary Bob Florence.

All selections arranged by Bob Florence, including four new, original compositions - This is the definitive tribute to the Legend.

Woodwinds:Don Shelton, Kim Richmond, Tom Peterson, Jeff Driskill, Bob Efford, Bob Carr, Rusty Higgins • Trumpets:Carl Saunders, Pete DeSiena, Steve Huffsteter, Ron Stout, Larry Lunetta • Trombones:Alex Iles, Bob McChesney, Scott Whitfield, Dave Ryan, Jacques Voyemant, Craig Ware • Guitar:Larry Koonse • Piano:Alan Broadbent • Bass:Trey Henry • Drums:Peter Erskine

1. A Train
- 9:05
- Composed by Strayhorn
- Arranged by Bob Florence

2. I'm All Smiles
- 6:49
- Composed by Michael Leonard
- Arranged by Bob Florence

3. Suicide is Painless
- 7:58
- Composed by Johnny Mandel
- Arranged by Bob Florence

4. Fluffy
- 15:07
- Composed and Arranged by Bob Florence

5. Geezerhood
- 5:45
- Composed and Arranged by Bob Florence

6. Limited Edition Express
- 8:28
- Composed and Arranged by Bob Florence

7. Luci
- 7:32
- Composed and Arranged by Bob Florence

8. You Must Believe In Spring
- 7:50
- Composed by Michel Legrand
- Arranged by Bob Florence

9. Auld Lang Syne
- 2:27
- Arranged by Bob Florence

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