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Leonard B. Smith and The Detroit Concert Band Originally recorded for the Detroit Concert Band's "Sousa American Bicentennial Collection" LP record series, these recordings were renowned for the immaculate performances of the Detroit Concert Band. The original master recordings have been remastered utilizing a number of digital processes to eliminate surface noise and tape hiss, resulting in a incomparable set of 5 CDs with the clarity of the original performances restored. An invaluable reference for any director, Sousa march enthusiast or music library! VOLUME 1: The Thunderer; The Gladiator; Harmonica Wizard; The Pathfinder of Panama; Esprit du Corps; Boy Scouts of America; U. S. Field Artillery; Triumph of Time; The Loyal Legion; Bonnie Annie Laurie; The Black Horse Troop; Who's Who in Navy Blue; The White Rose; Jack Tar; University of Nebraska; The Crusader; Power and Glory; The Triton; Comrades of the Legion; The White Plume; When the Boys Come Sailing Home; America First; The Occidental VOLUME 2: El Capitan; Bullets and Bayonets; Keeping Step With the Union; The National Game; Our Flirtations; Daughters of Texas; The High School Cadets; Revival March; Magna Charta; The Atlantic City Pageant; The Liberty Bell; The Royal Welch Fusiliers; Sabre and Spurs; Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company; The Minnesota March; The Glory of the Yankee Navy; La Flor de Sevilla; Across the Danube; Imperial Edward; Right Forward; Mother Goose; Globe and Eagle; The Wolverine March VOLUME 3: The Washington Post; George Washington Bicentennial; The Gridiron Club; The Dauntless Battalion; On Parade; Sesquicentennial Exposition March; Manhattan Beach; Transit of Venus; The Naval Reserve; Powhatan's Daughter; The Invincible Eagle; The Diplomat; Corcoran Cadets; Solid Men To the Front; The Picador; The Chantyman's March; New Mexico; The Volunteers; Mikado March; Kansas Wildcats; From Maine to Oregon; National Fencibles; The Man Behind the Gun VOLUME 4: Hands Across the Sea; A Century of Progress; The Federal; Riders for the Flag; The Lamb's March; University of Illinois; King Cotton; On the Tramp; Wisconsin Forward Forever; The Northern Pines; The Circumnavigators Club; Anchor and Star; he Fairest of the Fair; The Pride of the Wolverines; Sound Off; Nobles of the Mystic Shrine; Liberty Loan; The Legionnaires; Congress Hall; Golden Jubilee; Prince Charming; Ben Bolt; Flags of Freedom VOLUME 5: Semper Fidelis; The Gallant Seventh; The Belle of Chicago; The Salvation Army; The Rifle Regiment; Hail to the Spirit of Liberty; The Directorate; Resumption March; The Aviators; Yorktown Centennial; The Free Lance; The Beau Ideal; The New York Hippodrome; The Bride Elect; Guide Right; The Charlatan; Marquette University March; Pushing On; Right-Left; On the Campus; We Are Coming; Pet of the Petticoats; Mother Hubbard March; The Stars and Stripes Forever

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