Welcome to Ammres!

This is Ammres corporation and we are one of the best retailers of Jazz/Big Band Jazz in Japan. We've been sold CD's, VHS's, Sheet Music and Music Books of Jazz/Big Band Jazz music to Japanese customers since 1996.

Ammres is pronounced AH-MU-RE-SU in Japanese language.

For Music Creators and Publishers:
Ammres is working for connecting musicians. And, almost of our customers are amateur and professional musicians. If you would like to sell your music (Sheet Music, CD, DVD, etc.) to Japan, just ask us. In Japan, as other countries, illegal copying is big problem for selling music - specially, sheet music. Surely, we have been noticed to our customers about illegal copy since we started this business. As result, we think illegal copying is lesser than ever, because our sales is still growing.

On March 2013, we were moved our office from Nagareyama-shi, Chiba prefecture to Konan-shi, Shiga prefecture.

Thank you very much.

Sales Manager

Ammres Corporation
E-mail : info@ammres.co.jp
Address : Bodaiji 1003, Konan-shi, Shiga prefecture
Postal code : 520-3242
Country : Japan
Tel/Fax : +81(int'l)-748-69-6570